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    Just running a 2weeker M-!-T on it's own, almost over and i've gained well. Having 2 weeks off then going for M-1-T with a 4-AD transderm. in my 2 weeks off, will I need Nolva as M-1-T doesn't aramotise does it??! I have some and I have trib and vitex, I was thinking of trying the trib and vitex for the 2 weeks off and then nolva after my next 2 weeks on....cheers

  2. You should take Nolva during your 2 weeks off, or you will almost certainly lose some gains if you don't. I would also suggest taking 4ad along with the m1t on both mini-cycles.

  3. I agree with Longdog. Although I have to say I can't believe that you started a cycle without knowing what you needed for PCT.

  4. you still need pct even if a compound does not aromatize, since your natural test levels are very suppressed/non existent at the end of cycle.

  5. cheers guys, I have nolva and was planning to use it during the off 2-weeks (40mg-20mg) then 40, 30, 20, 20 for 4 weeks after the 2nd 2-week block of M-1-T, it's just i read somewhere a thread as it's a short cycle etc, vitex and trib is enough...I was just curious for opinions, Ill stick with nolva. Thanx for the input.



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