Ordering into Canada

  1. Ordering into Canada

    Hey guys, I live in Toronto and wanted to order some M1t and 4Derm from Mike at bulkn/1fast and was wondering if anyone had any luck getting this through or if was taken away????

    thanks for the info in advance.

    I was going to run:

    10mg ed of M1t - 4 weeks
    4ad spray (285mg per day) - 6 weeks

    5'9 - 200lbs - 12% bf

    Looking to add a few pounds - 5 - 10 of solid muscle with little or no fat gain.

    will be using nolva - 40 - 40 - 20 post cycle.

    therefore (3 bottles to order).

  2. I've never had anything seized from the US into Toronto. Have things shipped via USPS airmail.

  3. Why don't you ask Mike? Why would you post this here? We have other sponsors.
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