How long is PH in system?

  1. How long is PH in system?

    Hey Guys does anyone know about how long phera would stay in your system after discontinuing use? Thanks!

  2. Are you being tested? Do you know if they will be taking hair samples?

  3. No not at all! The reason I ask is I just stopped phera early this week and I'm just trying to see if I've lost all the water I will or if there's a chance that it's still in my system and I could potentially still lose more water. I just like to know that way I can adjust my diet if need be or wait a little longer if the phera would still be in my system. Hopefully you understand what I'm saying!!

    Edit: to be more exact my last day of phera was this past tuesday so it's been a little over 3 days.

  4. If I remember right clearance time is about 5 half lives... So phera has a half life of around 9 hours which means clearance time is 45 hours... But there are other factors that also affect this.... If the hormone is still bound to the receptor is can not be cleared from the system. I mean if take bold u can test pos for months and months after.

  5. Gotcha, I feel like I've probably lost most of the water that I will now it's just going to come down to slowly cutting down some of the carbs. I just don't want to lose too much weight though!!



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