Hormone filtering through whatman question

  1. Hormone filtering through whatman question

    I was mixing some test cyp, and I added the powder, then ba and bb and oil, heated in under some hot water, swirreled etc. Then when I was filtering it, I noticed at the last of the liquid, the hormone that wasnt FULLY dissolved was coming out of the whatman, So when I flushed the remaining gear with the extra oil through, I did it until there was no more white coming through, just the cottonseed. Then I spun it around and cooked, came out fine. Anyone thing I lost alot in the filter? I flushed it until I couldnt see it and 5grams yeilded me a perfect 20mls, 250mg/ml(i hope)
    Just like last time but last time it was dissolved and I didnt notice that during the filtering.

  2. Your powder should have been fully dissolved. I'm not sure any solid powder would make it through a 0.45 micron filter. Are you saying that you washed it through with oil? It helps to leave the unfiltered vile in a warm water bath wile drawing with the filter syringe. Most importantly, if you washed it well I doubt that you could have lost much powder if any at all.

  3. I did, just wondering. It was in a hot water bath thr whole time, last time I cooked a little before. It Looked dissolved, wasnt cloudy, but the powder that was coming out of the filter, didnt look solid, kinda like a white cream, not little crystals. Then I flushed it with oil and more came out, I continued until it was all out and coming out just oil. Looks fine though, hope its not under dosed, I think Ill hold on to this batch and make another for him
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  4. It's prob ok, but if you're concerned with it you could send it to me to test out...lol.

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