Help with Lethargy!!

  1. Exclamation Help with Lethargy!!

    On day 3 of P-plex cycle at 20 mgs. and already feeling Lethargic....Is DHEA still the best option(along with mild stim use)? I can only imagine what it will be like at 30 mgs. or even 40 mgs.

  2. Dude, so sorry to hear that! I know how you feel! DHEA is what is used on my last SDrol cycle, but honestly it did very little to help. That said, when I researched for the same problem DHEA was the only viable option.

  3. I've heard good things about Sustain Alpha.
  4. Mars1107
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    yeah id say dhea too,

    but im doing topical dhea with epistane(demracrine) which is supposed to be much better.

    ive only had one day where i felt overly lethargic. the pregnelone in it, might be helping more than the dhea though. Overall im liking it so far. also a good noted libido boost.

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  5. mikinTx
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    Don't know how useful this is or not... finished up a 30 day cycle of Mass Caps/HD2/Trenadrol about 3 wks ago. Supp'd with 400mg SAMe twice a day and 50mg DHEA every evening (5 on/2 off for both) and T-911 2x daily. That seems to have helped considerably with the lethargy (plus libido and the boys were most robust!) But for good measure, at week three started 25mg ephadrine/200mg caffiene/10mg yohimbine 3x day. Ended up keeping around 9 lbs (I had been down to about 183 after 3 months of P90X) and my bf is down from 12.5% (was ~14% before P90X) to about 11% (via caliper measurements). Has some minor gyno irritation under one nip but that's going away (with the help of Formex and cabergoline). FWIW, this is the first superdrol/halodrol cycle that hasn't made me want to sleep all freakin' day. The ECY was great for recovery (along with my first go round with ActivateExtreme... usually use DTHC but this stuff seems comparable). Basically had a great recomp with no lethargy or loss of libido. Oh, forgot to mention I used Twin Labs Blood Pressure Control for the first 3 wks but not sure if I really needed it after the first week.

  6. MikinTX Sounds like you had a good run, but WOW is that ALLOT of sh17 to keep track of! haha
  7. mikinTx
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    LOL, yeah cali and that's not including the usual non-cycle daily supps. Still, seems to be keeping this old f*ck banging along!


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