I posted this earlier but got no relevant responses

Im going to run CynergE by BCS labs. Its a havoc clone with 725mg of cissus in each cap and 10mg of epi. Havent read a lot of reviews on it, but I would like to log it if people show some interest. I like the idea of Cissus included since epi tends to be hard on the joints. I am currently preloading Cycle Assist by CEL and will be doing so for 2 weeks prior to the cycle.

30 days - 3 caps CynergE (30mg epi and 2175mg of cissus) per day
CEL Cycle Assist throughout and during PCT

I may run some dhea if i experience a lot of libido loss or lethargy, but i have read mixed reviews for it.

Week 1: 4 caps Primaforce Androstenetrione (400mg), 5 caps Higher Power tribulus (3125mg), and Diesel Test Hardcore

Week 2: 2 caps Primaforce Androstenetrione (200mg), 4 caps Higher Power tribulus(2.5g)
and Diesel Test Hardcore

Week 3: 1 cap Primaforce Androstenetrione(100mg), 2 caps Higher Power tribulus(1250mg), and Diesel Test hardcore

Week 4 and after: Diesel Test hardcore and maybe some trib

These are my questions:
I had heard that its a good idea to go ahead and start DTH 5 days before the end of the cycle, but im unsure at what dose I should run it.

Also, are my doses of trione enough? I didnt want to run it too high and crush estrogen completely, since epi tends to do that on its own.

I already have the trib, so I figured why not use it, would it also be helpful to run this before the end of cycle to boost LH?

Any questions or comments are appreciated. Feel free to call me an idiot but at least give me a reason why