1,4 AD dione/ VS diol

  1. 1,4 AD dione/ VS diol

    Does anyone out there have any real world experience with 1,4AD-dione AND 1,4AD-diol? What is the real difference and is one better than the other.

  2. The original debate happened btwn Pat and Bill on bb.com. The feedback is mixed on this site. Bulknutrition site has 4 reviews using the dione version.

  3. Thanks MarcusG, I'm pretty familiar with the dione version and have used it with 4AD a lot, just wondered about the diol, if anyone here has actually used both for comparison sakes.

  4. Some supp company(VPX?) had a diol product but got poor reviews on bb.com also.

  5. I believe that the diol version has intrinsic properities before conversion to the parent steroid. Also I think the rate that each converts to estrogen differs between the diol and dione.



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