Well I've been running Avant One+ (4ad/1T preban). The dosing is 400mg 4ad/ 150mg 1T. I am starting week 3 of a 6 weeker. After week 3 I will run out of the One+ and will have 1T ethergels and 4aderm. I gained 7lbs but i feel a lot of it is water. I know 4ad bloats you and 1T is more of a dry compound. I would like to up the dose of 1T or add something to the cycle that can compliment it.

Soo.....I need more 1T, but I don't have any. I want to run 200-300mg. So I have a couple options:

1. Up the 1T dose and burn through it by week 4 and run something else for the last two weeks with the 4ad (h-drol or superdrol or phera...prob too wet or epi)

2. Add a low dose designer to the cycle......which one?

3. Run the cycle as is.

What do you guys think?