Help me with my stack... limited ammount left...

  1. Help me with my stack... limited ammount left...

    I have 3.5 weeks of h-drol, 2.5 weeks of 3ad and 1.5 wks of MMV2 left all at reccomended doses... how can I run a somewhat successful stack with these? I'm not looking for a ton of gains (like superdrol clones) and I know I won't get a ton out of these compounds anyway, but just want to get the most out of this, I guess for a weak bulk... combine all, stagger or run one right after the other? I don't know a whole lot about stacking these, as I have always run solos. Please help! Thanks

  2. Bumpity-bump bump

  3. buy more dont have enough of any of these compounds to use them....

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