I am now at the end of my 3rd week of my cycle:

transdermal 4ad,1test,4oht
I also added m5aa preworkout

My weight has gone up considerably. I started at 186 and I now weigh 203. I'm sure a lot of that is water from creatine (from past experience). However I am still pleased with the gain. I wish I would have gained a little more strength at this point, but what I got strength wise was probably as good as I was going to get. Visually the gains aren't real pretty - not much definition added - but they are still solid gains. Not only that I've lost some fat as well (which I expected). I did run into one glitch (I probably will get flamed, but I'll send it as statistic) - I got pretty drunk last weekend at a friends house. Monday I came back to my room and found that I had lost 3 pounds (probably water) and I went to lift and was absolutely embarassed. The week before I was benching 165x8 and monday I wasn't even able to get 165 once. Taught me a good lesson - good news is that everything seems to be normal now, but that was a speedbump and defintely set me back.

I have been going at it pretty intensely - 4 days a week and one light/meduim cardio day I am down to a half a bottle of t-gel, apparently I haven't been using as much as I anticipated (I have 2 bottle for 6 weeks) so I am going to increase it a little bit.

I have also decided to add 7-keto into my pct - anyone big fans of this?