time off after h-drol

  1. time off after h-drol

    Hi i am just finishing pct for hdrol 3 weeks at 75mg ed, i had to finish at 3 weeks because i had a bad gastric ulcer that i had to get on a strict diet, go to the doctor,take an endosopy, take blood tests, take my mediactions and of course stop the
    H-drol (wich was only starting to work great i think). my pct looked like this:

    week 1 2 3 4
    Reversitol as directed per label
    Mass fx as directed per label
    Lean fx as directed per label

    So my question is how much should i wait for my next cycle since h-drol is so mild and the pct went so well. I should be getting some blood test on tuesday maybe will ask for so hormonal test to be safe and a they will be doing again an endoscopy. If this all looks ok how long should i wait??

  2. The blood work should tell you everything! If all looks great and back to normal levels then you should be ready to go. The normal recomendation is time on cycle + time on pct = time off This is a recomendation for people to be safe without getting blood worm done, but bloodwork is the only real way to know.

  3. Thanks for your answer, i hope all thet test come out all right so i can start over again.

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