Length between cycles

  1. Length between cycles


    I'm starting PCT for a 4 week PH/DS cycle right now. I'm aware of the suggested length between PH cycles but how long, if at all, should I wait to start an injectable AAS cycle after my PCT? Thanks
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  2. um...i would do the normal time on + pct = time off....

    but then again...there are guys that cycle year round..ur call really.

  3. Do I face a great risk of permanantly shutting down natty test production by doing this? I just did not recieve great results from the PH cycle and just recently got my hands on some test and would like to jump right in if it does not pose an imminent danger. What exactly are the ramifications?
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  4. To make the most of your future cycle, take as much time off as possible, when you mess with your endocrine system it need to normalize after a cycle imo... its been said a hundred times blood work is the only way to tell, if you cant wait and wont get blood work done, imo at least wait for a month after finishing your current pct.

  5. Yea I wanna make the most of it, but more importantly I wanna make certain I don't destroy my endocrine system like you said. I know that androgen receptors need a break, so I'll take heed and do the time on + pct for time off before I start the test cycle.
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  6. ive even heard some people say In order to let normal hormonal levels get back to where they were it is advised to stay off at least as long as you were on and preferably a while longer. they use a +2 reference, meaning if you were on for 8 weeks, stay off for 10 before starting a new stack.
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