M5aa question?

  1. M5aa question?

    Hey, Im currently running a Test Enan. & Fina cycle at 350 mg of each a week. My question is regarding to the m5aa I just ordered. I was wondering if it would be safe to run it along side at only 10mg ED for workout kick and also to keep me harder/dryer. I was gonna run that dose (10mg) for 50 days?!? until the cycle ends. Would a methylated product be way to dangerous to run that long, and should I just wait and run it the 2 weeks after dropping the test, to harden me up instead?????? suggestions please fellas.

  2. If you only used one oral and kept the dose fairly low, then you could do it. Its defintly the maximum you should run it. If I were you I would end the Fina first, then continue with the Test and M5AA. I've had success with better recovery when I end the fina a little early as opposed to ending them all at the same time. But thats from purely personal experience...there really is no explantion for it other than it felt better.
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