PH miminum for cutting

  1. PH miminum for cutting

    Bros, looking for answers on the type, minimum amount of PH that you would use to embark on a long cutting cycle to simply keep as much muscle as poss. No experience with PH's, looking only to maintain. 4AD seems to be the mildest PH, but not really a cutting supp. Thinking 1-AD, but would like opinions please.. BF mid 20's so cutting will be looooonnnggg.

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    I would say take the 1ad at like 300-400 mgs a day. Many people notice size increases even at that minimum dosage. You might wanna take the 4ad since it is like basing a real cycle around real test. The 4ad also will help in negating what ever sides you may possibly get on 1ad such as lethargy, low libido, and it will help to increase your strength which is something you want want to maintain when you are cutting. By the way how long is your cutting? As a matter of fact, on second thought...if your bf is in the mid 20's then you are far from having your diet intact and should deal with that first. You can lose a lot of weight now without the ph's since the more fat you have the easier it is to cut and vice versa. Increase your cardio and fix your diet. The only reason why I left the above info is because when you do lower your fat naturally, then you can try my above advice. By the way how old are you. Make sure you do your research, it is your body. Even if you do a ph now, which i dont recommend, you should use nolva afterwards. The reason i am telling you this is that people will do what they want regardless. So if your one of those people i would rather you do it right then jsut really mess up your body. But i dont suggest you do the ph just yet. My opinion. Get down to at least 15-16 percent first. Take it from me, im an endomorph too.

  3. I totally agree with your sentiments, PH's are not right for someone like myself with that much to go, for me anyhow. Just worried about keeping what muscle I have, and don't have a real good answer as to how to do that, as we all seem to agree to disagree on diets.....

  4. As was posted in my thread, I believe that while bodyfat has something to do with when you should start using gear/ph, but it's not the only factor... Blutarski, how long have you been training and what are your stats other than bf?

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  5. MB, involved in athletics and some sort of training for 15 years, weight training for a couple, nothing real structured or organized, have in no way come even close to maximizing natural potential. 6'1 275, fatass, the guys at the gym say I have "potential" to look good because of my build but I know that only comes through hard work. Dig your thread, good luck.



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