Do you just cap the raw Viagra powder then ingest them to be effective?

  1. Do you just cap the raw Viagra powder then ingest them to be effective?

    Are there any specific recipes on how to process 100 grams of raw Viagra Powder into 1000 100mg pills?
    Would one need to purchase any kind of specific Pharmaceutical tablet machine to convert the raw ingredient into 100mg tabs or do you just weigh them and cap em? What are good cheap mg weighing scales that can do the job?
    If there are any links that you may know of that explains the process (if there is even one) in a step by step detailed way, please link them!


  2. 100mg pills? would just follow standard capping procedure - preferably with a decent scale - of bulk powders.

    Keep in mind there will likely be a margin of error with dosage - which is probably not smart with a compound llike this. Liquid would be more accurate.
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