Well this sucks....

  1. Well this sucks....

    Hey guys, so i'm on day 1 of week 4 of my 6 week pplex/tren bridge. well 2 days ago, i was playing soccer, went up in the air to head the ball and hit another guy and fell on my wrist. i have taken the past 2 days off and have a splint on my wrist. there's mild discomfort in flexing and extending the wrist and mild pain when rotating the wrist in the ulnar region. it has gotten a lot better in the past two days.

    My question is should i stop cycle and go to pct right now and cut it short, or just rest do legs and wait about a week and just finish out. i have 3 weeks left, and have gained a solid 12 pounds in the past 3 weeks, i play soccer almost ed so i have remained cut and have barely lost any definition. but anyways let me know what you guys think, this totally blows.

  2. Stay on cycle. If you stop the cycle now and are not able to work out you will lose more gains.

  3. Did the same thing bro during a company softball game. I slide into 3rd on my left wrist and screwed it up BAD. i stayed on cycle, wrapped it up and just did different workouts that didnt hurt too much. I made it worse but thats just what i decided to do. Overtime it will get better, its fine now

  4. might want to avoid free weights for a week or so, as much as it will suck

  5. thanks guys, ns-nice scooobaru

  6. thanks bro, thats actually just a pic I found on google but I do have a modded '06 WRX. They're great cars


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