hi. i have puffy nipps from my last ax 3ad,mass fx cycle,i think i have these puffy nipps prior the cycle, but they was not that visible,and now they are really more visible..i run that cycle for a 4wk 3ad 6cap/day massfx 4cap/day ,strength was awesome,gained nearly 25lb but i think 80% of that was fat because my diet was so rubbish.my pct was ax apct and ax lean fx.on pct i didint lose any weight,becouse i still was eating crap.after pct i designed finish eat crap and started eat good food like chiken brest,fish,egg whites,vegitables ect..i'm on 3rd wk diet now after my pct, i already lost 11lb,and look much better and feel better, but i still have these puffy nipps,no pain when tauching no nothing just that puffines,and what is strange to me,these puffy nipps are realy puffy when the temperature is warm,but when i going in to shower on a cold watter they gone,come back in my warm room,they back again,i dont know what that means.. so i ordered 100caps/10mg nolvadex,still waiting them, and have ibe formex..formex i using 3weeks now,1rst week was 50mg day,now i using it 25mg a day prior to sleep with fish oil..so my question is, what is the best time and how many mg per day i have to take nolvadex and formex to get rid of these nipps.
oh yeh and from yesterday i started use ax slim xtreme.
advance thanks for any help,and sorry for mine language..