m1t and test cycle

  1. Question m1t and test cycle

    Hello Bros, I will be starting a cycle soon with m1t and test cyp. My plan is to do a six week cycle , frontloading the test and finishing off the 4-weeks with m1T. The idea is to consume low-dosages and not get carried away with what some guys do. How much reasonable test-cyp should I take with this cycle or any cycle for that matter evey week. The M1T will stay at 10mg a day. Steady and slow gains is the goal. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.

  2. I think you should do at least 500mg of Test E or Cyp for at least, at least 8 weeks bro, m6 weeks will be more than a waste since tests starts kicking in at week 4 or 5. I still think 8 weeks is too short of a cycle , I am on a 10 week test enathate cycle now and planning on doing 20mg of M1T ay week #10 and #11, at week# 12 I will start PCT.
    I am not trying to say my cycle is the best but it works for me, i wish i could make gains and be able to keep them in a 4 week cycle of Test, but not in my case believe me bro, I don't like needles or infections.

  3. Thanks for your advice Omar , your right .
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    Omar is right bro. Cyp is a long acting ester and will kick in when the cycle is almost over. Man up and do at least 10-12 weeks and you will have better gains. Make sure the pct is right on the money. You might wanna get some HCG since it will be a long cycle. If you wanna do a short cycle you could use test prop, but more frequent injections are needed. I suggest the long cycle though. Is there any research HCG around like the liquid nolva?

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