Triple Dura

  1. Triple Dura

    I have a buddy who is using an underground product called Triple Dura, it contains 100mg winnstrol, 50mg boldenone, 25mg prop per ml. I know this is an odd combination but I think that it was meant for race horses rather than human consumption, also it came directly from a vet. It comes in a 100ml bottle(jug) and you can see the clear separation of the water from the oil. Anyhow my friend it taking 1cc/day and is loving it. Has anyone ever hear of this drug before or used it. I know that 1ml/day is 700mg winny/week(to much), 350mg EQ/week(not enough) and 175mg prop(why bother) but he is still taking it regardless and I have heard of at least two other people using(not sure of their dosages) on another board. Also anyone heard of Russel labs, I heard they are bunk and I want another opinion.

  2. Never heard of it, but sounds like the doses are off just as you mentioned. If the price is right you could just use it for the winny and add some prop and EQ in there to get the doses right.

  3. personally I would cut it in half and use it for the winny 350mg/wk

    That is pretty much the common dose 50mg/day

    if you know anyone you should have a lab test it...I wouldn't take anything from an "underground" lab without seeing lab results

    For ex. some stuff from china has had quite extensive testing is still "underground", but at least there are test results so you know what to expect.


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