Standalone LG MMv2 cycle...what for pct?

  1. Standalone LG MMv2 cycle...what for pct?

    I'm going to be doing a standalone MMv2 cycle because I want to use up the bottles. How long should the cycle be and how involved should PCT for MMv2 be? I will also be running TD formestane with the MMv2.

    Thank you!

  2. I ran MMv2 and used formadrol for pct. I ran it for 4 weeks and 4 weeks of formadrol, can't remember the dosing, I think I stuck to the recommended dosing. furthermore.. I didn't see much size or strength on it. I do feel it helped lean me out a bit and made me feel a little harder.

  3. I would probably go 5 or 6 caps a day so we'll see

  4. I'm using T911 & Anadraulic State for pct.

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