havnt posted in a bit but am dropping in for a second.

may 18 i began my first go with some peptides, and they've been going great to say the least. 300mcg GHRP-6/300mcg HGH frag 176 daily. also taking 10 mg epi pre workout, really on workout days which is just about every day. on 4 pumps/day sustain alpha, 50mg formex nightly, and using 300mg p5p/300mg 7-keto for prolactin/cortisol control.

on my 18th i weighed 181lbs, and today I weigh 190lbs. maintaining weight is pretty much impossible on the ghrp 6, especially from all the carbs i crave while after shots. fighting the hunger for 30 mins to ensure gh release, and to prevent insulin release is hard enough, let alone fighting the sugar cravings. this is definitely an easier peptide to work with if you are bulking and dont really give a **** about anything but calories.

my goals are recomposition, and considerable fatloss. i don't want to get any bigger because truthfully I look f*cking massive right now, not to mention that'd be counterproductive to my goals.

other than tightening my diet, what else could i add in to get me closer to where i wana be (which is around 8% bf 187ish lbs)? i was thinking of throwing in some p-slin, as it would increase my insulin sensitivity therefore produce less insulin. what about glucose controllers like gynemia sylvestre? is 7 keto enough for cortisol , with the ghrp (should i switch to 11-oxo?)? I would just hop on the epi for real and bump it to 40mg everyday, but i'm going to get massive and i reallly dont want to get any large. trying to cut things up, slice and dice myself to shreds.

those with peptide experience or any experience with anything im doing/trying to do please weigh in