Test E/Epistane/1T-tren Cycle

  1. Test E/Epistane/1T-tren Cycle

    This will be a log for my first time using injectables:
    Cycle Overview:
    Weeks 1-10 Test E (500mg ew) (pharm grade)
    Weeks 1-4 Havoc (40/50/50/50 ed)
    Weeks 9-12 1T-tren (1bottle is supposed to last 27 days)
    Weeks 4-12 HCG (500iu 2x weekly)
    armidex .25 eod as needed
    (letro on hand in case needed)

    Nolva: 40/20/20/20

    I was going to orginally use P-plex for this cycle.. but decided on using epistane for a kickstart.. since ive used it before and know how different dosages effect me... I decided on using 1-t tren to finish my cycle as it is non methylated.. and will be effective in keeping gains up while the test ester clears..

    Past AAS/DS/PH:

    Training Expierence:
    8 years.. w/6 years serious training and diet

    Current Stats:
    201lbs First thing in morning
    between somewhere between 5' 9 1/2 and 5' 10 1/2.. it seems its always different
    Measurments: (will update soon)

    as of now.. i am just waiting on my pins which should be here thurs or friday.. any advice or critisism is appreciated..

  2. Quote Originally Posted by bigzach1234 View Post
    somewhere between 5' 9 1/2 and 5' 10 1/2.. it seems its always different
    so say 5'10?

    haha. cycle looks good, give it hell

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