I want it wet

  1. I want it wet


    First: nice forum.
    Second: my question:
    I'm in my mid 20s and now training for 5 years. I gained ~40lbs since than (had some injuries), I know a lot about the oldschool stuff but not much about phs and designer steroids.
    My last cycle was Dehydromethyltestosterone (aka Oral Turinabol) with 60mg for 4 weeks- it was nice! Now I'm searchin for my next few cycles.

    So I made my homework and... hello: H-drol seems to be an OTC OT. Comes into consideration. The second one is Epistane, seems also to be mild and good, I will try it too.
    But I would like also to try somethink more "dirty" and "wet". M-drol is an option but I think its sides are to heavy and I do not really need stuff like that.

    My dream PH:
    - no progestorone acitivity (since this leads to a heavy hpta suppression)
    - mild to lipids and liver
    - a little bit more strong/wet than OT (E conversation like boldenone would be nice)

    Would a combination of low Phera Phlex (10mg) and moderate H-drol (75mg) solve the problem? I know, 2 methylated are suboptimal but all non-methylated PHs on the market cause big hpta suppression or am I wrong?

    PS: PCT would be Nolva/Clom + maybe a cort block supplement,

  2. what about methyl-1,4ad....should be pretty wet and not a progestin....

  3. or just run dbol

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