injury while on m1t

  1. injury while on m1t

    hey guys
    my friend is on day 14 of m1t cycle when he managed to hurt his lower back on the leg press. He was just starting to see gains in terms of strength increase, and was considering extending his cycle for maybe another week. He has put on weight (about 8lbs) but has no idea where he is storing the weight.
    He thinks that the injury will keep him out of the gym for atleast 2-3 days. He thinks if he started PCT today and was not able to hit the gym for a few days he would lose all of his strength/weight gain.
    What do you think the best approach is for my friend?

  2. Cant help you in what to do really, but tell him to becareful about the injury itself. I ended up herniated my L5 disc leg pressing, which has kept me from doing deads and squats until I can get some PT. If it doesn't get much better, have him get it checked, don't just lift through it like I tried to for a while.

  3. He can either keep taking the m1t for another week & start training in a few days when he's ready, or stop now & begin PCT. Either way, he should be fine. He shouldn't lose anything from taking 3 days off with a proper PCT. It's advisable to cut back on training volume during PCT anyway.

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