Follow up to my M1T sickness

  1. Follow up to my M1T sickness

    I had something a little surprising happen to me and wanted to see what you guys would attribute this to. I posted earlier on how on day 7 I got the M1T flu. I couldn't keep anything down for 2 days. I then got better and attempted to keep the cycle going and again got sick. I decided to dump the cycle and got to pct with Nolva. I took the rest of the week off to recover. So I was on M1T for about 8 days at 10mg/day. Then rested for about 4 days with no workouts. Now to what happened and my question.

    When I returned to working out I had better strength, endurance and pumps. I went in front of the mirror and looked more vascular. I thought I might be a bit more defined but I am sure it is wishful thinking since getting ripped in just a few days doesn't happen anywhere besides thermo ads. I was not at all expecting this, so I think the ol' placebo effect isn't a cause. I had basically no response to the M1T while on cycle.

    Do you think this is a residual effect from the M1T or do you think by resting I came back a bit fresher. It might be both. Any other guesses? I was ready to swear off the M1T since it made me sick and I had no results but now if my gains came from the M1T I might be willing to tough it out again sometime down the road. I am sure there is no way to know for sure but you guys are a ton more intelligent than I am so best guess would be appreciated.

  2. I guess no one really knows. I am leaning toward it being a little of all factors. I continue to lift more and have better endurance and pumps.

  3. I wouldn't think it would still be in your system after 4 days, but I suppose it's possible. The rest period could have helped your strength, and if you were sick, dehydration could make you appear leaner and more ripped.

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