My Epi experience

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    Just wanted to let anyone interested in my experience:
    I read Irish Cannon lost his pubertal gyno from the stuff.. I am talking about Hardcore Formulations Epidrol btw..
    I've had pubertal gyno and it was irritated by a PP/SD run I did two years ago.. Since then I haven't done a single hormonal cycle (so 2 years all natural)

    I decided to do an Epidrol cycle three months ago and started it exactly 1 month ago this monday (the 15th)..
    My cycle:
    Epidrol 20/20/20/20/20*/20* (The * indicates I haven't reached week 5 or 6 yet)
    Superdrol (LG Methyl Masterdrol) 10/10/10/10/ * / * (THIS * indicates i'm gonna drop the SD for week 5 and 6)

    I just wanted to let you guys know that similarly to Irish Cannon, I have completely LOST my gyno.. It went from a nickle sized lump with high irritability and sensitivity to absolutely GONE (no lump OR sensitivity)..
    I couldn't be any happier with the Epidrol or the results..
    Although I've only gained about 3lbs the whole time.. that wasn't the goal- I wanted to harden up and test out Epi's anti-estrogen effects..
    My PCT will be nolva 20/20/20/10/10 with T-911 and Blue UP (stim free) along with it.
    I've had zero side effects.. I've gotten a pimple or two on my back but I get those about once a month regardless b/c i'm kind of a dirty guy

    Thanks for readin- just wanted to share this with ppl- and NO, I have never been sponsored or anything by any company or product.. just your average joe weightlifter on a never ending quest for perfection.

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    congrats on gettin rid of the boobs man! i too really like epi and see great sermlike qualities from last cycle i ran 10 mgs ed in the morning all through my pct and for about 4 weeks after....sort of like a morning dbol....

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