M-1-T pct help

  1. M-1-T pct help

    I am taking Underground Labs' M-1-T for 30 days, 10mg/day. I've been training for about 15 years, 29 years old, weigh 190, about 12% b/f, will be taking about 3,000 calories and 250 grams of protein/day. My question is, can I get away with just taking 6-oxo for my pct? I was hoping to keep away from anything like nolva or clomid. I know you all probably think 6-oxo is way inferior to these products; but even so, do I have any chance of recovering well with the 6-oxo? Thanks.

  2. 6oxo is quite insufficient for a 4wk cycle. You'll probably get into trouble for not researching your pct.

  3. And there is another thread below yours by Tatortodd - sane approach to M1t.

  4. do your homework homie and get some nolva, you should have ordered it way before starting your cycle anyway. 6oxo may work for some milder transdermals but not m1t. dont jump into the deep end of a pool without first learning how to swim!

  5. Settle down - I have 27 days to get pct products. Anybody else think there is any substituting the nolva?

  6. clomid...

  7. Hell no, 6-oxo won't be sufficient. After 30 days on M1t, I would even suggest you use both nolva & clomid. The shutdown on M1t is almost immediate. Chances are that you're already near complete shutdown after your 3 days on. Besides 6-oxo being ineffective for this strong of a cycle, it costs 3x as much as nolva or clomid. 1 bottle of nolva is $40 & will last for 2 PCTs. 6-oxo is about $32 per bottle & you'd need 4 bottles for 2 PCTs.

    I would also increase your calories to maximize gains, 3000 is near maintenance for you.

  8. Thanks for the replies. I will be upping my calories, by the way. I'll come back with my results when I'm done.


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