critique please

  1. critique please

    I am looking for a critique on a possible second cycle. My first cycle consisted of mixed solution from a chemist. It was 150mg Test Enanthate, 75mg deca, 75mg Test Prop. I ran it for 8 weeks (should have done 10) and netted about 13 pounds. Although I researched for about a year before I chose to take anything I still rushed it and as I look back I wish I would have done some things differently mainly changed my cycle to a Test only and from a well known company. Well I canít change the past and all I can do is work on the present and future. With that said I am 5í8 168lbs. Some people would say that I donít need steroids and I probably donít but I am going to use again regardless. So since I will use again the least I can do is get properly informed. My sources have gotten better and I now have a few more choieces.
    So here is what I was thinking:

    Week 1-4 D-bol 25mg/ED ~175mgs/week
    1-8 Deca (Organon yellow tops) 200mg/every 5 days ~300mgs/week
    2-12 Sust (Organon) 250mg/every 4 days ~450mgs/week


    Week 1-4 D-bol 25mg/ED ~175mgs/week
    1-8 Deca (Organon yellow tops) 200mg/every 5 days ~300mgs/week
    2-12 Test Enanthate or Cyp 200mg/every 3-4 days ~360-460mgs/week

    I donít know yet if I can get the Single ester Test yet that is why I have the cycle with Sust up first.

    The way I have it set up is ending the Deca 2 weeks before the Test because I have read that it is harder to recover from the Deca that it is to recover form the test and since the Deca will last a little longer I thought to end that first.

    My post cycle wasnít the best on the last cycle ( I think my clomid was under dosed), but this time I will be using both Clo and Nolva from PN.

    Please let me know what you think and any changes you would make.

    Thanks in advance

  2. I would go with door #2. I don't like sust at all. Go with a single ester test either cyp or enth doesn't matter. I'd also run the test at 500mg/week with the dbol 25mg/ed should be fine with deca at 300mg/week. Honestly I don't like deca either because of the shutdown it causes. Assuming this is a bulker ever think of taking the deca out and throwing EQ in there. Easier on the system and it causes an increase in your appetite which is perfect for bulkers.

  3. I would like to get the cyp or enan also, I'll see what I can get. How does the cycle length look with the deca for the first 8 weeks and the test weeks 2 through 12. Like I said I wanted to do things this way to for the reasons listed above not to mention it will also save me some money.

  4. You are going overboard.

    At your size, a simple yet EFFECTIVE cycle of test is still all that is needed. Adding an oral compound would be a nice addition. I would completely drop the deca.

    Weeks 1-4: 25mg dbol
    Weeks 1-10: 400-600mg test...........this can be cyp, enan, or sust.(sust would be my last choice though)

    This cycle will save you money, will work great, and make recovery a little easier.

  5. Thanks size I was considering that as well. It's hard not to want to use the deca when I got to see all the pretty yellow tops lined up in a row. I still might drop the deca. Thanks again, everyone's opinion is appreciated

  6. I agree with Size. Keep it simple, at your weight you would see good things happen.


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