Gyno reversal log, letro

  1. Gyno reversal log, letro

    So i've had some type of gyno for about 3 years now, never in both nipples at the same time. Originally it was in my right, went away, now it is in my left. I honestly do not know where it has come from. Possibly a rebound from bad pct after either winny, suderdrol, or maybe even epistane. It is not a bad case, but about the size of a nickel. My plan is to use letro followed by ralox. I have low body fat, <10, so I can easily monitor my progress

    Day 1: .25mg letro
    Day 2: .5mg
    Day 3: .75mg
    Day 4: 1mg
    Day 5: 1.25mg ---> I plan on remaining here for about a week to see how I feel and how it goes. I may go up to 2.5mg ed, following the protocol orginally posted by cBino (forget where)

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