goood cutting cycle? or not?

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  1. I will be using clomid only. Clomid alone works really well for me, it usually only takes a couple weeks and I am back to normal. However I still run it for 4 weeks.

  2. Here you go my sample cut cycle:
    8 weeks:

    Trenbolone 1 ml eod-bicep site inj. ½ cc in ea. Twice/ wk/ 7 weeks

    Winstrol 1 ml eod -/ last weeks 50 mgs/day

    Propionate 400 mg’s a week for 5 weeks.

    Anavar 5/day (if possible after 2 weeks into cycle for 4 weeks) 25-35 mgs/day

    Clenbuterol 2/day 2 on/ 2 off 7 weeks (not in last week)/ hit the Ephedrine/ Caffine/ --------------asprin on the 2 off days Or both if death wish………

    Asprin every am/ protein shakes stopped last weeek before competition/ shakes should have in am 1 table spoon olive oil and flax seed oil; and possibly the pm.

    Halotestine: 25 mgs/day Last 3 weeks

    Hgh 4 Ius a day/ 5 take last week off

    Arimidex or Letrozole with the clomid the last 30 days

    Insulin if needed

    Cytomel two a day for last 5 weeks/ maybe three a day.

    Last Week Mon. Aldactazide am and pm (1 gal water); tues Aldactazide am and pm (one gallon water); Wed aldactazide am; pm aldactazide (1 gal water); Thursday aldactone am aldactone pm ( ½ gallon); Friday aldactone am aldactone (1/3 gallon); Sat aldactone am ( sip only on water); Car deplete previous Thursday, Friday, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed am, Load Wed PM, Thursday, Friday until 7 pm nothing after, until Sat. am then some simple carbs milk shake/ and a Yam, cheeseburger, fries, 2-3 hours before:




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