goood cutting cycle? or not?

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  1. Bro that would be nice cutter. The test at 500mg/week and winny at 50-100mg/day depending on experience and backgroud would def get the job done. Water retention in this day and age should not be a problem. With all the things we have available to use like arimdx,femara, etc.... bloat is ancient history. Personally I don't get bloated no matter what I take and yes I've used dbol in a cutter. I'm on week 4 of test enanth, EQ, and dbol right now and still vascular and cut as I was before I started, and my EQ hasn't even kicked in yet. It basically comes down to the individual but with shorter acting ester for test water retention is less of a problem (if it is a problem to start with).

  2. I have to agree, anyone can cut with test if they know what they're doing. I've cut with test before (TNE). I haven't ran a cutter with dbol or drol, but I imgaine it's like anything else, as said above: diet and cardio are the key to cutting, not necessarily the AS (although certain cycles may be better than others).

    My upcoming cutter cycle will be 10-12 weeks of test cyp @ 500mg weekly with either M1T or winny for 4-6 weeks, still up in the air on that one.

  3. Sounds like my debate. Test dermal for 8weeks and prov and winny for the last six. Or winny and prov for eight weeks.

    Decisions decisions.

  4. I am currently doing a cutting cycle with test Enanthate (500)week for 10 weeks. Will do M1T for the last 5 weeks with finesteride and letrozole. Haven't really noticed any water retention. I have been going for about 3.5 weeks now and dropped from 206 to 193. No visual muscle loss.

    Does anyone have any opinions on using letrozole for second half of cycle? PLEASE ONLY PEOPLE WITH ACTUAL EXPERIENCE NEED REPLY!

  5. I've used letro twice now while on cycle, and I like it, keeps me as dry as I could ask for IMO. I used 1mg ED, some people do even less. As for the last part of the cycle, I don't see a problem with that. What is your PCT? Bobo posted a study with results of letro lessening the effects of Nolva, when taken in conjunction I believe. For PCT letro/clomid would be OK, but not letro/nolva as I understand it.

  6. I will be using clomid only. Clomid alone works really well for me, it usually only takes a couple weeks and I am back to normal. However I still run it for 4 weeks.

  7. Here you go my sample cut cycle:
    8 weeks:

    Trenbolone 1 ml eod-bicep site inj. ½ cc in ea. Twice/ wk/ 7 weeks

    Winstrol 1 ml eod -/ last weeks 50 mgs/day

    Propionate 400 mg’s a week for 5 weeks.

    Anavar 5/day (if possible after 2 weeks into cycle for 4 weeks) 25-35 mgs/day

    Clenbuterol 2/day 2 on/ 2 off 7 weeks (not in last week)/ hit the Ephedrine/ Caffine/ --------------asprin on the 2 off days Or both if death wish………

    Asprin every am/ protein shakes stopped last weeek before competition/ shakes should have in am 1 table spoon olive oil and flax seed oil; and possibly the pm.

    Halotestine: 25 mgs/day Last 3 weeks

    Hgh 4 Ius a day/ 5 take last week off

    Arimidex or Letrozole with the clomid the last 30 days

    Insulin if needed

    Cytomel two a day for last 5 weeks/ maybe three a day.

    Last Week Mon. Aldactazide am and pm (1 gal water); tues Aldactazide am and pm (one gallon water); Wed aldactazide am; pm aldactazide (1 gal water); Thursday aldactone am aldactone pm ( ½ gallon); Friday aldactone am aldactone (1/3 gallon); Sat aldactone am ( sip only on water); Car deplete previous Thursday, Friday, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed am, Load Wed PM, Thursday, Friday until 7 pm nothing after, until Sat. am then some simple carbs milk shake/ and a Yam, cheeseburger, fries, 2-3 hours before:



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