Prostanozol and Eyes?

  1. Prostanozol and Eyes?

    Im planning a prostanozol cycle soon to harden up a bit. I have 180caps and will do 150 mgs for 4 weeks or maybe start lower and run longer, not sure.
    Ive red something about eye-problems on prostan? Anyone knows the mecanism behind this? You see I have a torn/thin retina and just want to make sure its not retinal related problems?

    From what Ive red it souds more like corneal soreness but I would still like to know. Appreciate any input!


    (PCT will be Low dose nolva with clomid first week + low dose ATD)

  2. Bump! Anyone? I know many people used it.............

  3. I've never heard of eye related problems concerning steroids. I used zol at 250mg and didn't notice much of anything... felt like my muscles got tighter, no visual changes, no strength changes, no weight changes.

  4. Sounds like a real killer Well, there is so many different reviews of this compound but I will give it a go just for some extra steam.

  5. I'm sure you'll get more bang out of it than me, I'm screwed with this ****.

    Most people use it as a stacker though, with Hdrol or somethin

  6. Never heard of this, in all that Ive read. Never experienced this either, but I will say that as a standalone, I dont find it all that impressive, but in conjunction with just about anything else, its a 5 star addition, imho, without a doubt.
    PHF Rep

  7. i used furazadrol at 300mg ed for 5 weeks,it was ok it harden me up,lost a little fat i was using it as a cutting cycle,but i guess my diet could have been better,i mean it was wasn't bad,just not a eye probs,ran it solo,i will not run it again solo,not worth the money maybe stack it with another ph/ds. best of luck and i hope this helps you a little.Also i dont think you will need the nolva,it didnt shut me down at all,otc pct should be ok,i would keep the nolva on hand just in case.

  8. Thanks for the input guys!! I have some SD, epi etc etc. It's just that this time of year with BBQ's and all a few beers tend to go down(not loads) and I rather spend the cold part of the year mega healthy. I now alcohol Is bad even with non methyls but zol sounds mega mild. I might save it and stack it with SD in autumn and stick to the staples this summer. Thanks!

    Ps. I thought about stacking it with Jungle warfare, how would this mild methylated compound feel about a couple of beers here and there?



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