anadrol vs. phera on blood pressure? liver toxicity?

  1. Question anadrol vs. phera on blood pressure? liver toxicity?

    Which steroid would increase blood pressure the most at say a 50mg dose?? At a 50mg dose which one would stress the liver the most anadrol or phera?? Any info would be appreciated.

  2. Both of these things are very person dependent in my opinion. . . . Although I found phera wa very liver friendly but, not so friendly to my prostate and blood pressure

  3. wells it is person dependant, but if you look at a-bombs needing to be at around 100mg e/d to be effective, 50mg is going to be a low dosage.

    30mg of phera to be effective, so 50mg e/d is way too much.

    so 50mg of phera, versus 50mg of anadrol, one is overdosed, the other underdosed, i'd have to say the phera would be more harmful.

    but if you compared 30-50mg of phera vs 100-150mg of anadrol, i'd say the A-bombs are going to take the prize for negative side effects.

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