60mg/day Dbol +500mg test=over kill for 1st cycle?

  1. 60mg/day Dbol +500mg test=over kill for 1st cycle?

    i think im gonna take 60mg/day of dbol for the first 30days. is that way too much? i have arimidex and ill drink more water, and keep diet in check so i dont end up like the michelin man.

  2. if its your first cycle y not start with 30 of dbol n go from there?

  3. start lower and ramp up....

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mooch2321 View Post
    start lower and ramp up....
    I would say that for both the dbol & test. As your first time, you should grow off of 300mg/week of test. Gauge from there.

  5. I think my first cycle was like 200 mgs test cyp per week, and 20 mgs d-bol per day and I grew like a weed! I have never gone as high as 500 mgs test and 60 mgs dbol!! Well I have done 500 mgs sustanon per week in the past with 20 mgs dbol now that i think of it. Either way you definitely should not be going that high on your first cycle, no need to!

  6. stats and training experience?

  7. This is my first post on this forum, but I have studied and used AAS since 1991. I am currently using less AAS than ever and am surprised at the dosages people run. Over the years, the beginner cycles look like heavy cycles from years ago. I think you should try 300mg Test and 20mgs/daily Dbol. After 2 weeks or so, up the test to 400 and maybe up Dbol to 30. The first couple weeks you are adding exogenous steroids to your (normal) testosterone levels. But within 14 days you Will be supressed, so uping the dosages a bit will overcome this and keep the gains comming. Drop the Dbol at 6 weeks max. Don't use the arimidex unless you are prone to gyno. But keep in handy in case. Chances are this will be about the threshold you (most) can tolerate without an AI or SERM. At 36, I have learned that less drugs and better nutrition and training is the key. By the way, I am actually on this board because I have moved away from just illegal AAS and am now experimenting with designers. I'm currently using 50mg Test Prop daily with 50mg H-drol and 6 caps daily 11 OXO. I'm very lean. 7-8% BF, and about 200lbs at 5'10".


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