ultra mass / trenadrol

  1. ultra mass / trenadrol

    Hi guys I need a little advice here. I'm 47 and doing a Ultra Mass ( phera/ tren) and Trenadrol cycle. I've done quite a few other cycles allready. My question is that I've heard it's not good to take certain pro-hormone at the same time because they fight for the same recepters. You should take one and then the other maybe a few hours later. What about my cycle? How would you dose them? Take both at once or spread them apart? Thanks guys.

  2. what are the doses for the ultra mass? why would u stack MORE "tren" on top?

  3. i agree wtih nos....why more tren?

    that being said...i found my sweet spot with "tren" was to doses of 60mgs each....one in the morning and one with my pre workout meal in the mid afternoon...

  4. From what I understand it's two different Trens.

  5. The tren in the Ultra Mass Stack is not normal trenadrol, its xtreme tren, the 19-nor version. There's 10 mgs of pplex and 40 mgs of xtreme tren in each pill, which would make for 30 mgs of pplex and 120 mgs of xtreme tren if you're taking it 3 times a day as it says on the bottle.

    Put it this way, you don't need anything else. This is a great stack.

  6. I have run this stack twice. Ive had good results

    The first time, I ran xtreme tren 90/90/90/90/90 and pplex the last three weeks - 20/20/20 (had blood tests after and it was all in check)

    Right now Im in wk 2 of pplex and trenadrol running it like this:

    pplex 20/20/20/30
    trenadrol 60/60/60/60

    Ive been taking the pplex/tren at the same times: morning w/ breakfast @ 10am and preworkout at 6pm and its worked fine, am I dosing wrong?

  7. so far I gotta say the xtreme tren made me way more aggresive then trenadrol has, then again i was dosing it at 90mgs instead of 60mgs. I loved the xtren

  8. 17b-methoxy-Trienbolone

    my bad i forgot trenadrol was the magic tren that nooone can explain....i thought that the consensus was its just regular estra 4 9/ 19 nor tren


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