500mg 4ad

  1. 500mg 4ad

    Im starting a cycle of m1t, and im planning on adding some 4-ad to battle the sides, is 500mg going to cover it? i dont want to take that much because i bloat so much on anything above that, but will that cover the sides a bit?

  2. 500mg. should definitely counter lethargy, sex drive loss, decreased appetite. I don't know if you are planning on using oral or transdermal 4 ad, but transdermals give better delivery and are suggested over oral 4 ad. Especially when taken with m1t.

  3. Are you pinning it? If so, then 500mg/wk is not much, but might do the job.
    If taking orally or transdermally, then 500mg/day should be fine.

    Why not just pin about 1400mg of 4-AD cyp per week, and take an aromatase inhibitor if you're afraid of bloat?

    Next question: Why is everyone so afraid of bloat? You'll piss it away.

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