First Sus/Deca cycle

  1. First Sus/Deca cycle

    So, I've been debating on whether to run another mild PH cycle or step up to a sus/deca cycle I've been contemplating for quite sometime. I would be running axio's stuff (Sustaplex 325 & Decaplex 275) with their gen. nolva (Tamoxiplex) for pct. Does anyone have any suggestions about running a sus/deca cycle? Such as dosing and maybe running additional stuff like an AI? This will be my first stacked cycle so any help is appreciated.


  2. no suggestions??

  3. No one is responding because if you search for a little bit you can find people who have run test and deca and their dosages. If you have questions about what supporting supps to use then you clearly need to do more research on how to run AAS as safely as possible.

    What is the length of your cycle that you were planning? Depending on the length you're going to need HCG.

    Do some reading, come up with some options and then post them here. Once you do that we will help you.

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