Nolva Sides

  1. Nolva Sides

    YimenECricket posted possible sides of nolva in another similar thread and I'm curious how accurate others agree with these two sides in particular. "Loss of Hair" and "Loss of Sex Drive". Anyone experienced either of these with nolva?

    I thought one of the things it is supposed to do is bring your sex drive back to par which is the complete opposite of this possible side. And what's up with nolva hairloss?

  2. I did not, although I have gotten a severe headache with doses above 20mg. (Actually, I can get a dull headache at 20mg also.) Since I rarely get headaches and having a severe one for three days in a row is unusual, I am reasonably sure this was a real side for me. I did not notice any others. Everyone is different.

    Also remember that the "target market" for this drug is women undergoing cancer therapy. It is somewhat risky to draw comparisons between the common side effects and what a bodybuilder would expect during PCT.

  3. Yeah, i thought nolva was supposed to boost sex drive since it raises normal test levels...has anyone noticed loss of sex drive on nolva?

  4. Yep.

  5. Does it come back after pct is over...would clomid be better for pct as far as not losing sex drive?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Nate Dawg
    Does it come back after pct is over...would clomid be better for pct as far as not losing sex drive?
    Your libido will return during a proper pct. Both Nolva & Clomid will bring back sex drive. I found that I'm very horny again after only a few days on clomid, while that takes 1-2 weeks for me on Nolva. I break out & get the dreaded mood swings from Clomid, so I stick to Nolva anyway.

  7. I am into my Nolva Therapy, taking 40mg/day, and I have no sides to report..Sex Drive is the same as it was on M1T, VERY EXISTANT!...

  8. Hmmmmm. Looks like there is mixed feedback. 1 person noticed a loss of sex drive, 1 said his sex drive basically never decreased on or off, and 1 took 1-2 weeks for it to come back. No majority opinion here it seems.

  9. I have been on 40mg/day Nolva for 7 days and have NO sex drive. After my first week of M1T is when I lost it.
  10. PC1
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    Do you think that rather than either Nolva/Clomid causing the hair loss/no sex drive:

    1. The no sex drive aspect is from being shut down and NOW having nearly zero testosterone in your system, either endogenous or exogenous?


    2. The hair loss is the result of having taken the androgens you did during your cycle?

    I would think these would be the case, and that in time, your Nolva and/or Clomid therapy would restore your endogenous test levels, but until that happens, your love life will be off a bit.

    I've read posts here by Dio about preventative measures for hair loss. And perhaps you might consider using HCG during/post cycle next time to keep your boys primed for quicker PCT response.

    In any event, good luck.

  11. PC1 got it right. You just took a substance that will shut down your natural testosterone production. It doesn't come back over night, or in a week.

    It isn't the nolvas fault.

  12. PC1 got it right.

    It will take a week or two maybe even three weeks of nolva to get back in business, if you know what i mean.

  13. i did two weeks of M1T and am on my fourth day of nolva 40mg ED. I didn't notice a decrease in sex drive either during the cycle or on pct so far. That's strange because I as worried about it too. I did get sides from M1T though (lethargy, a little acne, back pain), so I know it was working. I also gained about 6 pounds.

  14. I did a 2/wk cycle of M1T and the sex drive during was great. However it rapidly dropped to zero after stopping the cycle and on PCT with Nolva. After 2 wks of nolva still 0. So I picked up the nolva again 20mg/ed for another 4 days. For whaterver reason now its back up and I'm choppin wood again 3+ weeks from stopping the cycle. I think this is prolly normal.

  15. PC1........Yeah, HCG would definitely be nice and more effective, but is a little complicated for people like me without a source. Since it is not a "research chemical" it can't be purchased and isn't an option.


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