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  1. Question cycle idea

    Ok guys, I posted something about a week ago and decided I wasnt confortable with the ideas I had put forth. And went back and did some more reading.

    Goal, lose as much body fat as is safely possible in 90 days (currently at 24.7%)

    Diet, 2500-3000 calories consisting of a 60/20/20 protien/carb/fat split.

    Workout, starting with a total body workout (probably a rowing machine) and lots of stationary bikes. as well as medium weight training concentrating on major muscle groups. Workout min 1 hr 5 days per week

    Now here is my idea of my first cycle, and I want an HONEST opinion no flames just tell me if I'm being too aggressive, or not aggresive enough

    6 week cycle
    Clen 2020404060608080100-10080604020 (2 on, 2 off, 2 on)
    T3 20204040606080-80606040402020 (for the full 6 weeks)
    1-test ether (oraly of course) 300 mg per day for the full cycle
    ECA stack for fill between clen cycles and as part of recovery

    again remember primary goal is fat loss I do hope to see some muscle gains as well, but fatloss is where it all starts for me

    oh and any post cycle recovery tips for something like this?

    Thanks guys, I look forward to any help you are willing to provide


    PS spoke with a doctor about the health concerns of me taking any drug or medication that might increase my body temp or blood pressure, and he forsees no issues as long as i monitor my blood pressure on a regular basis

  2. Quote Originally Posted by 94SupraTT
    Now here is my idea of my first cycle, and I want an HONEST opinion no flames just tell me if I'm being too aggressive, or not aggresive enough
    Medium weight training, 300mg 1-test ether daily: NOT AGGRESSIVE ENOUGH
    Even if your primary goal is to lose fat, you gotta hit those weights hard, as to elevate metabolism for long periods of time. Go for 3 solid, hour long weight sessions a week, minimum. Push/Pull/Legs Focusing on major lifts, squat, deadlift (on pull day, not leg day), bench, military, pull up, barbell row, ect. Keep cardio separate from weights. Don't skimp out on post workout nutrition. And go for transdermal, it's much more cost effective and just better in every way. Add some 4AD and thank me later You might retain a little water while on, but you'll burn more fat and feel good. 1-test solo is no fun

    Clen/T3 for your FIRST CYCLE: Way too aggressive IMO
    Just use a good ECA stack all the way through. There's lots of people with lots of cycles under their belts that have never touched clen/T3. On this PH cycle with a calorie deficit and all the intense weight training and cardio you'll be doing, you'll shed lots of fat. Save the clen and T3 for a year from now when you're 10% BF and want to cut to 5%

    Nolva and ECA for PCT
    Good luck and be safe!!!

  3. thanks supersoldier,
    I have tried the ECA's previously, with a workout and diet plan, and saw VERY limited to no success, which is why i was considering the clen/t3 combo, hoping to see some more positive gains

    Honestly my biggest concern is to try and jumpstart a good training and eating program for myself,

    is there soemthing i should be worried about if i should try the clen/t3?

    ne way thanks guys

  4. I would try clen alone first before jumping into clen+T3. See how a few months on that goes. If you don't get decent results, then look into your diet and training. After your diet and such is in check then a cycle with T3 could be considered.

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