M1T PCT training

  1. M1T PCT training

    I'm four days into PCT after 4 weeks on M1T, I am curious to see what type of weight training worked good for others on PCT from M1T? I know less intensity and less time training, but what rep range works well to recover? I know to only do compound lifts and not train more than 45 minutes. This will be four weeks at least. I'm taking,

    14 days 300mg 6OXO (had left over from 1AD cycle)
    Swole V2
    Milk Thistle
    Stacker 2

  2. I just lower my volume & add an extra off-day each week. I keep my rep range the same (5-8, depending on the exercise) & still go heavy. I think it's important not to take it too easy. Still train hard, but not as long, sort of like HIT.

  3. Also very important to keep calories high especially protien + Fat.....

  4. I switch to a 9 day split and go fairly light on everything with only 2 sets of 8 for the first two weeks. The reason I do this is

    1. I feel weak, so **** it.

    2. Working out with zero testosterone in your system seems counterproductive to me.

    Essentially taking a couple weeks off won't cause one to lose muscle that quickly. You're muscles will lose some volume due to not being pumped but the rest is mainly psychological. I think you'll lose it faster by lifting like you normally would as you've no hopes of proper muscle rebuild/recovery without test in your body.

    Eating during this time IMO is more important than lifting.

    Flame away

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