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    Hey Everyone

    New to this forum but been lifting serious for 4 years now.Some of my info is:

    Ht- 5' 5"
    Wt- 155
    Bench- 235 for 4
    DL- 425 for 3
    Squat- 315 for 5

    diet and training is very much on spot and ever since i started to take it serious i love seeing my body change for the better!

    I Am currently looking into taking a cycle of Massdrol is order to gain some size and strength and have been doing my research and can not really find much info in regards to pct and if a SERM is needed or not. I have previously done a cycle of 3AD by AX and had good results. After about 10 months of just whey and some creatine I am now looking for something a little stronger. Below is my idea of what the cycle would be like:

    5 weeks- 10/10/20/20/30
    -while on cycle I would be taking AI cycle support

    for PCT
    -CLOMED by kilosports, 1 in the am and 1 in the pm for 4 weeks
    -aPCT by AX at 3 a day spaced out for 4 weeks
    -Jack3d for pre-workout

    my main concern is i have not really been able to find any info regarding pct and if a SERM is needed. Any help would be great as well as an info regarding the product such as gains, and side effects. Being somewhat new as well i will most definately wait until i have a very well set plan of attack for this cycle. Thank you!

  2. I believe this is Massdrol as in the superdrol clone and if so yes need a SERM such as nolva and run 40/40/20/20.

  3. Have been looking around and cant seem to find a good source to get some nolva. Are there any reccomendations as to maybe a clone that is worth it or is there an otc SERM out there?

  4. search for "chemical research tamox"

  5. Would LiquiNolva be a respectable choice for a kilosports Massdrol SERM? Did some research and it seems legit but would like to know if anyone has any experience with it?

  6. the only nolva and clomid i've used has been liquid so that'll be fine.

    I'm curious how Superdrol will work if run for 5 weeks. I personally think it's a good idea, but that's because I love superdrol but realize that the gains are hard to maintain. 5 weeks will make it easier to maintain. 2 things to think about: shutdown is going to be significant, and after 5 weeks it'll start to really **** up your lipids.

  7. The 5 weeks was my concern as well. The product was a clone so i figured an extra week may not be as bad as the original superdrol but after some talk on other forums i am thinking of going:

    Massdrol- 10/20/20/30

    -Liquinolva 40/40/30/20
    -Clomed By kilosports one in the am and one in the pm for 4 weeks

    any suggestions here?

  8. sorry for the numerous postings but i just want to get everything down before I take on the cycle.

    Also planning on pre-loading cycle support a week before at a scoop a day
    -then during cycle will take one scoop in the AM
    -in PCT i will take it as well for just the first three weeks at one scoop in the am

    Any concerns with this or does this seem ok?
    Also should i look into getting an AI or is my SERM for PCT enough? i only ask this in fear of potential gyno problems.

    thank you guys again for all your help so far.

  9. anyone?

  10. it looks pretty good i would run post cycle support during your pct and a 11-oxo to control your cortosiol during pct. i wouldnt run the superdrol clone that long because you wont gain much after 4 weeks you will just destroy your liver and lipids. superdrol hits its peak at 3 weeks.

  11. so your sayin i should run a three week cycle then? what do you think i should dose it at?

  12. I would probably stock up on kilosport, looks like our government has a problem with them. Of course , their goal is to get everything under the DEA and I believe the goal is to get the pharmacy companies the billions that are in sport supplements. Anthony Roberts reported this
    "Yesterday, I reported that there was a rumor going around that Kilosports had been raided. Today, I’m sorry to say, that rumor has been confirmed. Details are sketchy right now, but I am 100% sure they’ve been raided, although thus far, calls to the DEA and FDA have netted me almost nothing useful.

    There are strong indications that the FDA or DEA may have a problem with some of their products such as Trenadrol (17b-Methoxy-Trienbolone™), Phera-Mass (17a-Methyl-Etioallocholan-2-Ene-17b-Ol) - which I’m not sure is still in production, but can still be purchased online here and there - or their Oxanavar (2,3a-Epithio-17a-Methyletioallo Cholan-17b-Ol). Of course this is only speculation on my part, based on previous FDA/DEA activities related to the nutritional industry. What is no longer speculative is that Kilo Sports, Inc (a/k/a KiloSports, Kilo Sports, etc…) has been raided.

  13. considering this is the first time you have used a superdrol clone i would dose 20/30/30/30. you can run it for 4 weeks. go with how you feel if 20 feels good then go with it till it you notice no more gains. from what ive read 30 is the hot spot and peak gains are at the 3rd week. when i did the original methyl masterdrol my peak gains were in the 3rd week but i still gained strenth in the 4th week. i would throw 11-oxo in starting the 4th week and use it through out your pct.

  14. thank you for that. I have just ordered some 11 oxo and am still currently stocking up on all my supplies

  15. good luck keep us updated

  16. i will make sure to keep all posted and will try my best to keep a log as soon as I get everything. Planning on starting it either first or second week in July so we will see. thank you all for your help!

  17. Alrite all supplies are in and I have my routine down and will to pre-load my cycle support this weekend for a full week. The cycle will be:

    Week 1-
    Pre-Load CS 1 scoop am/1 scoop pm
    Week 2-5
    Massdrol 10/20/20/30 (may dose different in third week depending on how i feel)
    Cycle Support- 1 scoop am/ 1 scoop pm
    Week 6-9
    LiquiNolva- 40/40/20/10 mg in pm
    AI PCT- 2 in the am/ 2 in pm
    Cycle support- 1 scoop am/ 1 scoop pm
    Clomed by kilo- 2 in pm
    Week 8-11
    Lean FX- 3 a day (am/afternoon/pm)

    My workout routine will be

    Monday- Chest + Abs
    Tuesday- Quads+Bi's+ Calves
    Wednesday- Rest
    Thursday- Shoulders+Hamstrings+ Abs
    Friday- Back+Tris
    Sat- Abs+Calves and a little cardio and lagging muscles that may need to be hit again.

    Going to be taking in about 3500 calories and trying my hardest to keep it clean.

    One question is dosing the Massdrol. Should i take one in the am and one 8 to 12 hrs later? And when i do my first week when should i dose the first pill?

    Other than that any pointers or suggestions would be great and look for a log soon! Thank you guys for all your help!

  18. Im curious..
    Resurrecting a dead thread
    How did you like the product and what his results were..


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