Liquid Clen dosing

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    Liquid Clen dosing

    You'll have to forgive me because I realize this is probably a simplistic question but please bear with me. If one were to acquire some liquid clen for some research but wanted to properly dose it (but had only some 1cc syringes, broken down into tenths .1cc, .2cc, .3cc etc) then would proper dosing of 1ml be the equivalent of .1cc? I'm ashamed of asking this but I couldn't readily find the conversion. I'm used to the tabs. Even if you can post a link, I'd appreciate it.

    Uh, found my mistake. Sorry about that, had to look harder.
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  2. 1 ml is 1 cc

  3. Please don't take 1 cc......please please please. Don't ever be afrade to ask a question better ask and stay alive.....the pumpas are very accurate 10 squirts is 1 cc or 1 ml 5 is .5 or 100mcg

    hence 1 squirt = 20mcg don't kill your research subjects

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