M1T for Dummies

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  1. M1T for Dummies

    1. Do not run M1T without Testosterone or heavy amounts of 4AD. M1T causes COMPLETE suppression of natural test very quickly, and you will feel like total **** without compensating for it.

    2. Four week cycles ARE safe. M1T is a fast acting compound, but most solid muscle and stength gains come around the end of week 2, and continue through the end of your cycle. Cycle M1T for 2 weeks and you are selling yourself short.

    3. Time off MUST equal time on (at least). This is for normalization of HPTA, liver, and blood lipids. All three of these are equally important to your overall health.

    4. M1T causes high blood pressure. I experienced severe nosebleeds almost everyday from the end of week 2 on. This is another reason to use Test/4AD, so you won't have to eat ephedrine just to drag your ass to the gym, or even make it through the day without being miserable. If nosebleeds are a problem, take a cotton swab and gently put vasoline all the way up and around the inside of both nostrils 3X a day, especially pre-workout.

    5. If you are an experienced AAS user or are just pretty damn heavy (210+), 10mg probably won't cut it for you. I reccommend (for these people) starting at 20mg for two weeks and then see if you need more (30mg). I don't see a problem with dosing 40mg/day in SOME cases. This is NOT telling somebody to do 30mg+ for your first cycle. Remember that if you do 20mg for your first cycle, then that same 20mg will NOT have the same effect for your next cycle. So there's no point in starting at 30mg when 20mg will work great for you.

    6. Use taurine, potassium, or both every day to alleviate cramping, especially in your lower back. With that said do not attempt to squat and deadlift in the same day while on M1T.

    7. Use Nolva for PCT. It is superior to Clomid, and leaps and bounds better than 6-Oxo. Saying that, if you have the money to blow, adding Clomid or 6-Oxo to Nolva SHOULD help you recover a few days faster, especially in the first two weeks off.

    8. Dose M1T AT LEAST twice a day, with food. The half-life of M1T is very short, so the more times you take it in a day, the more stable your blood levels will be. Do not use this mentality as a cop-out to up your dosage.

    9. Avoid alchohol and acetamitophen as much as possible, as well as anything else known to be rough on your liver while on M1T.


  2. Alot of this conerdicts what is on this board.

  3. Only problem I have with this is with #4 If you are having nose bleeds due to High BP.. then you really don't need to be doing 1-M-T without a doctor checking out your BP... sorry but if you are blowing out capillaries in your nose, the pressure on your arteries is huge.. It needs to be monitored..
    Now if you are having nosebleeds due to dry heat, like from a heater, then the vasoline would work fine..

  4. I usually get nosebleeds in the winter when the heat is on, even before I ever cycled. Also I live in El Paso.

  5. The best point is using 4ad or test as a stack. Supersoldier makes a great point about the low test levels and short half life of M1T. It makes sense that combining the two will cause major lethargy.
    My first cycle i used 10mg twice a day with only mild lethargy between doses. The second cycle i used one dose nightly and i paid for it every day.
    I felt like ****.


  6. But it was stated as fact. I took M1T alone. Felt great, sex drive was awsome, no hair loss, acne or any other sides. Now that I'm on PCT it seems like I'm getting all the sides associated with M1T.

  7. I am so sorry for you supersoldier. El Paso truly is the armpit of the country.

  8. sifu come to northern MN, your car won't start, the women are ugly, your dick shrivels up, your balls go up inside you, all your supplements freeze in transit, salt eats your car, but hey, we have 10k lakes so i guess its all okay

  9. No thanks, you forget I was forced to go to cool school, it was not by choice.

    Hey but you can fish a lot in the summer.

  10. Just a few comments:

    If your BP rises to hazardous values then discontinue use.

    10 mg should be a starting point for even steroid vets. The more experience you have the greater tendency to rather take 10 mg ED for 4 weeks rather than 20 mg for 2 weeks. See my point? Slow, solid, quality gains...

    IMO, M-1-T can be taken once daily.

    Other than those comments this is a great post!


  11. I agree with Chemo.

    If BP is an issue then don't even try M1T.

    I disagree on the dosing. I tried a 5mg once a day, stand alone cycle, a 10 mg once a day, stand alone cycle and my latest cycle of 15 mg divided into three doses stacked with 4AD/1-4 AD and so NO significant differences in LBM gain.

    Stacking with 4AD seemed to make for a far more comfortable cycle. Had better appetite, sleep, no real lethargy and workout intesity was much better. LBM gain was not any higher than previous cycles after the water weight went away.

    I agree with you on all other points and commend you on a superior log.

  12. im on my first M1T cycle and thought i'd try on it's own 5mg twice a day as a start. Lethargy is a big side for me, I'm going to order some 4-AD now ready for me nxt cycle...At least on something like S1+, I felt up for the gym, at the moment, I can't be ar%ed when at the gym and therefore dont think im making the most out of my cycle! MY next

  13. i had a terrible time while on M1t but I was in the gym today and I still have my strength.Its been bout 10days post cycle.I lost 3lbs of the 15-16lbs I put on.I am looking leaner.My backache subsided 3days ago.Shoulder pain occuring now but this happens always post-cycle.I did a 3week cycle at 20mg.With 3-4doses of cyclo 4ad everday.The overall sick feeling I had while on M1t is gone and I am feeling happy,healthy,its coming back SLOWLY.Thank God.

  14. I had bad lethargy on M1T stand alone and felt crappy. I've been off 5 days now and am feeling tired, but overall healthier. l've lost about 7 of the 11 lbs. I gained, which sucks. I eat alot now to try and maintain as much muscle as I can. I look leaner except for my lower abs which seem sloppy fat, plus without the pump I have a little extra skin to grab. Next cycle I will stack with something, like M5AA or 4AD cyp.

  15. Hey guys,

    Haven't been around in a long long time, looking at doing some ph's to help lean down/harden up.

    I had done 6g 1-test / 4g 4ad in 4 week cycl back while a go brewed by a friend.

    How does the m1t compare to the spray 1-test???

    also, are there preferred company's for m1t or are they mostly comparable?

    finally, 4ad, i know spray is still the preferred method, which company has the best valued one now?

    take care, I should be around a lot more now

  16. In regards to number 8 I was under the impression that we did not yet know the half life of M1T. Can anyone clarify. Thank you

  17. Some really good info towards the top end of the thread

  18. has the general concensus changed in regards to the cycle length? initially a 2 week cycle was considered max length due to hepatoxicity. is a single 4 week cycle now considered more beneficial than 2 weeks on 2 weeks off and then 2 weeks on again with pct in the middle and at the end? i know there is no right answer necessarily, but im curious what you guys think.
  19. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
    ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday's Avatar

    While this is entirely my opinion, i feel the 4 week cycle will benefit most. Like Chemo says, slow quality gains instead of a quick burst. Plus many people take high doses for the 2 week cycle and feel like crap. Those on the 4 weekers take a more moderate dose.

  20. if im using m1t for 2 weeks then whats the use of 4-ad, since it takes 2 weeks to kick in????
    that would be useless IMO
    Last edited by x_muscle; 01-29-2004 at 10:02 PM.

  21. i have a quik question? Chemo i read on another site that you should be over 200lbs before you even consider takeing M1T. Is this true? i am 5'8 1/2" and iwould alread be at my ideal size.

  22. I can not speak for Chemo but I think he was just using this as a general reference. Of course height always has to be factored in

  23. Quote Originally Posted by AlphaRob
    i have a quik question? Chemo i read on another site that you should be over 200lbs before you even consider takeing M1T. Is this true? i am 5'8 1/2" and iwould alread be at my ideal size.
    I think Chemo meant that a dosage of 10mg should be only attempted by people over 200lb.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by AlphaRob
    i have a quik question? Chemo i read on another site that you should be over 200lbs before you even consider takeing M1T. Is this true? i am 5'8 1/2" and iwould alread be at my ideal size.
    I've never equated gear use with weight so please clarify that quote is not mine.

    Other than that, there are more factors to weigh (no pun intended) when considering cycle, stack, and dose. I won't go over them all since that is outside the scope of a single post but a quick synopsis is this:

    • Learn to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. It will tell you how long and if the dose is too much.
    • Dose the lowest amount possible and still illicit the desired gains.
    • Slow, quality gains are always better than a mass explosion.



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