started cycle 1t/4ad -

started cycle 1t/4ad

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    Cool started cycle 1t/4ad

    My weight 182 , 30years old.

    Did an aas cycle about 11 years ago. 3 weeks. Like a dumb ass and knowing nothing about post cycle. I lost any gains i got and got some light sides.
    Well at least it was only a 3 week cycle.

    Just started. Bought 2 bottles 5grams 1t / 5 grams 4ad each bottle

    2 squirts a day. 1 morning 1 night. total 20 grams ph a day.

    on my 2nd day so far. More energy while working out.

    I also seem to get more hungry. My sex drive has gone up a litle.

    Am monitoring closely for any signs of sides. Its to early still, but if all goes well
    im doing a 6 week cycle. Otherwise ill cut it short.

    I try and consume around 200 to 225 grams protein with a 2500 calorie diet.

    Any suggestions would be very appreciated. I know my diet is not great but i can improve it. I want to try and gain as much lbm as possible.

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    I'd bump cals up to 3000-3500 per day, with maybe a 40/30/30 split (p/c/f) or close to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -2z-
    I'd bump cals up to 3000-3500 per day, with maybe a 40/30/30 split (p/c/f) or close to that.
    I would agree.


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