Adding 4-OHT to T-1 Pro?

  1. Adding 4-OHT to T-1 Pro?

    I just wanted to see what others thought about adding 2.5 grams of 4-OHT to T-1 Pro. Is it worth the extra $17.00 and fill up the bottle with max capaicty of hormones (10g) or should I just leave it out?

  2. I did; however, the t-gel wouldnt hold 10 grams. it's rather gritty.

  3. thats funny i just dissolved 10 grams of 4-ad in t-gel zero probs..hadda shake and leave it upside down with the lid on of course for like 20 minutes but t-gel dissloved that ****..try a hot water bath

  4. is it worth it?? That's arguable IMO, but if you already bought it, mix it properly (i.e heat in water bath and so on) and it should dissolve.

  5. personally i dont get the whole attraction to hydroxy-test.

  6. Seems to help with sides for some. I tried the hot water bath, violent shaking and everything, but it is still gritty. Someone suggested adding some rubbing alcohol to it... I might give that a shot.

  7. What sides? Whats the point of adding an aromatizing agent if your going to just add an anti-estrogen along with it? Doesn't make sense to me. You defeat the purpose of having 4AD in the first place.
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  8. ha, so basically it gets rid of all effects - not just side effects. I was just going on what I've heard on the forum.


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