1. tren/m5aa/pro-sust

    Ok, I believe i finally decided on what I'm running next, I was going to go with the tren/m5aa/prop, but I really do not want to go through with another syno conversion.

    As far as how i'm gonna run them i'm having a little trouble
    cycle will prob go 8 week with 8 week pct
    I'm either go 50 or 75 eod injects with tren weeks 2-8
    With the m5aa running it the first and last two weeks of the cycle
    maybe even through in some m1t somewhere, not at the same time as any other mythl though
    pro-sust will probably be 1400 a week
    with the pro-sust would twice weekly injects be sufficent.

    so here's what i'm thinking so far
    1-2 m5aa-prosust
    3-6 tren-prosust(well i guess m1t may not be the best idea here)
    7-8 tren-prosust-m5aa

    critiques welcome

  2. yeah sounds good bro .

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