winny binds with m5aa DHT?!

  1. winny binds with m5aa DHT?!

    im planning for an extreme cutting cycle in the end of Feb. im going to use clen/t-3, NYC, guggle, 7-keto, syntrax MM4 and some other goodies. And of course i want to run some androgens to maintain my muscle i was thinking of m5aa, but im afraid of DHT sides since i have bad family hair history. but i read from BIG cat article that winny blocks DHT this should be similar to Boldenone, winny stack?:
    Stanozolol has no 3-keto group, which is in most cases essential for androgen binding. So it is far from the heavy androgen some would have you believe it is. But it does appear to exhibit good binding in some places. Like its parent, DHT, it seems to reduce some aromatase activity and it may guard against some progestagenic binding (15) as well (from nandrolone or trenbolone)

    so im thinking to run winny+m5aa both dont have bad toxicity lever like m1t so im thinking to run them both like that:

    week 1: 50 mg winny+ECY
    week 2: 50 mg winny+ECY
    week 3: 50 mg winny+ 15 mg m5aa+ clen/T3
    week 4: 50 mg winny+ 15 mg m5aa+ clen/T3
    week 5: 50 mg winnt+ T-3+ NYC
    week 6: 50 mg winny+ NYC

    so whats you opinion guys on this stack?
    do i have to run nolva or clomid since both winny and m5aa are strong estrogen binders?

  2. no you wont need any anti es. you should be as hard and as dry as possible using these together.

  3. i know i will be dry, i already hold tons of water from my bulk cycle. but dose any one knows winny effects on DHT, im concerned with the hair loss issues. i have a realy bad hair genetics

  4. bump any opinions on my cycle?

  5. If you have hair worries then I wouldn't go with that cycle. If you aren't worried about it, then that cycle wouldn't be bad at all.

    Almost like a Winny/Proviron cycle.

  6. will 5% MINOXIDIL shampo help to stop hair fall?

  7. I think spiro will help, but I will say this, I am folicaly challenged.

    I started loosing my hair at 20years old, and there is nothing you can do to stop it, just shave it, or forget about AAS or strong Ph's.

  8. one more thing if i used nolva or clomid for PCT. dose it help to bring my test levels to noramal range?

  9. Well it helps get things back in order. Before starting this stack, you really need to research what you are going to do for PCT.


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