Improved fina absorption

  1. Question Improved fina absorption

    I believe that reacting test prop with NaOH removes the prop and leaves test base.

    My uni organic chemistry classes were a few years ago now, (I stupidly threw out all my books a while back) and I was wondering if the NaOH would also strip the ester from tren.

    If so this should reduce its molecular weight and might give better absorption for a transdermal. worth the bother??

    What do folks think

  2. Just inject, it is alot less hassell and you get much better gains.

  3. Thats not what I asked. I am well aware that injection gives better uptake, I am curious about the possibility of base tren gel...

  4. Yes, you are correct that the NaOH would cleave the acetate ester from tren leaving only the base. I have saw many threads where people have done a tren transdermal. It seems to work rather well. You can also dissolve the fina in acetone, filter the binders out, evap the acetone leaving only tren acetate crystalls. Wash with water, then mix with BB/BA/oil to inject. Be sure to do all the filtering with 0.45 or 0.20 micron filters as well.

  5. Thanks candle



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