Injecting VPX 4H-T Cypionate?

  1. Injecting VPX 4H-T Cypionate?

    Someone told me it was supposed to be injected, but the labeling all indicates oral administation... Is that just an OTC thing? Should I be injecting this stuff? I'm new to the PH thing, have done some real gear some years ago so I'm familiar with that whole scene. I'm just trying to figure this stuff out, I want to see for myself if it actually works.

  2. first off return the product, VPX's stuff is far inferior to the other products that are out right now.

    secondly dont inject anything from VPX ever.................

    do some searches on this site and youll find that anyone and everyone here doesnt believe in VPX's bulls#it.....

  3. It's meant to be injected. I used some of their 1test and 4ad cyp when it all first came out and I had no probs with it.

  4. Good: can't search for VPX. It wants 4 letters.

    jminis: Thanks.

  5. sure ya can just type in VPX*

  6. does it come in a sterile vial?

  7. actually the only time i hear a negative on vpx is from someone that hasnt used them..pricey and i never used them but just my observation


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