End of my Planned cycle- keep going?

  1. End of my Planned cycle- keep going?

    today marks the end of my planned cycle. I was on M1T for 2 weeks, 10mg ED the first week and 20mg ED the second. I have a quick question though...

    I just recently started to see gains. I'm really happy with the way I'm progressing now but it only started in the second week. I'm gaining strength like a madman and a little size too, about 6-7 pounds. My question is- I only have enough M1T pills to go three more days at 20mg. (14 pills or so @ 5mg). I was going to save them for a small one week 10mg cycle in the future but seeing as how I only started to make gains after a whole week and none at 10mg anyway, would it be in my better interests to simply extend the current cycle another 3 days at 20mg? I know M1T is potent stuff- but will 3 more days really make a difference? Or should I just call it quits?

    Also, if I decide to go this route, would I need to extend PCT another 3 days too or will I be OK with two weeks of it? I planned to do 40mg ED week 1, 20mg ED week 2.

  2. I say go ahead and use it up. Either the 3 days or taper down to 10mg. and extend it to 6 days. PCT can remain the same.

  3. yeah man, i'd say keep going too. this product is fairly new still and two weeks was just the norm for most, not the rule. just be ready for a longer one next time. and a lot of users aren't doing nolva post cycle unless they see a reason to. i'm not saying that it's a bad idea, it's better to be safe than sorry obviously, but just throwing it out there.

  4. thanks for the advice. I'll finish my pills off then, hopefully i can get another pound or two out of it.

    It's been grinded into my head by this forum that PCT is a must, so I'm still going to do it. As you said, better safe than sorry. Besides, it'll help me keep most of my gains too.

    My next cycle will be 20mg for two weeks. I don't think 10 has much effect on me honestly.

  5. Yea, I reckon cycle times have a little flexibility... ie: you go for 14 days exactly - but your liver isnt going to explode on the 17th day if you decide to go a couple more days.

  6. You are going to need to do a full PCT with nolva.
    The shutdown from M1T is pretty harsh.
    Unless you are going to do another cycle in 2 weeks, You need a three week PCT with nolva at 40/20/10


  7. do you mean dont skimp on diet ? or dont skimp on the Nolva ?

  8. Dont skimp on either.

    Nolva needs to be tapered down because if you stop abruptly , your estrogen can get out of control. So i think a week at 10mg will help "ween" you off the nolva a little better and safer.

  9. i was under the impression that 1 week at 40mg and 1 week at 20mg would be sufficient after a 2 weeker of m1t.
    I have not heard of anyone running PCT for 3 weeks . Is it necessary? Has anyone done both and are able to compare ?

  10. Don't taper down the dosage of M1T.
    You know your body better than us. Go 3 more days if you want @ your current dose.
    PCT should be at least 2 weeks. 3 weeks would be better if you feel you need it.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by NPursuit
    Don't taper down the dosage of M1T.
    You know your body better than us. Go 3 more days if you want @ your current dose.
    PCT should be at least 2 weeks. 3 weeks would be better if you feel you need it.

    Use up the last of the M1T and just ensure proper PCT, then buy another bottle later if you wish. I would definitely do 3 weeks PCT before another M1T cycle....can't hurt

  12. I will second the idea of doing 3weeks pct. 40/20/10. My understanding is M1T is pretty potent and should be treated as such. do 3weeks pct....just my opinion though


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