Anyone used Liquid Clomid or Novla?

  1. Anyone used Liquid Clomid or Novla?

    Just checking around to see if anyones actually used either of these. The accessability is incredible. Im sure there's no problem with effectiveness, just curious if anyone's actually used either.....

  2. I have used both liquid clomid and liquid femura. Clomid tastes like donkey piss, as does the femura, but you shoot it into gel caps and it is all good.

    Great pricing, and easy to get. Two thumbs up

  3. Originally posted by wardog
    . Clomid tastes like donkey piss
    You tasted donkey piss before WD??  Damn any protein in it?? LMAO



  4. i agree it tastes bad although i'm not quite sure what donkey piss tastes like i'm sure its right up there with fetus.




  5. i used novla at 30mg/ml liguid loved it..gonna use it again



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